Bali International Summer School 2017

August 10th – 16th, 2017


Why Bali International Summer School?

Learning Emporiatrics

Traveling has a great pleasure. Unfortunalety this pleasure followed by some risks, especially in this globalization era that facilitates the spread of the diseases. That is why pre travel consultation and wide knowledge of Emporiatrics (Travel Medicine) are very important in this epoch.

Bali's Top University

Faculty of Medicine Udayana University is one of A-list Faculties in the country with outstanding expert professors in their respective fields which located in a highly stimulating environment, most popular global traveler destination, Bali – Indonesia.

Cultural Exchange

Bali International Summer School is the most anticipated annual event in Bali which participants is from all around the world. The hallmark of this program is the combination of Science of Emporiatrics and cultural diversity in this multicultural universe.

Island of Gods, Bali

Its cultural heritage and charming landscapes named Bali as World’s best tourist destination for 2017. Take your right to enjoy the coolest annual summer school program in this tropical atmosphere and the magnificent island of Gods.

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– BISS 2017 –

“Emporiatrics: Ground Rules, Overseas Medical, Cultural Diversity, and Current Global Stability in Emerging and Reemerging Disease Disease Outbreak”