“Travel broadens the mind” and people have been extolling the merits of travel for a very long time. The general belief is that travel is good for travelers’ mentally and physically. But while travel can indeed be interesting and exciting, and good for mental and physical wellbeing, all too often it can be harmful to a traveler’s health. The increase in numbers of travelers and the speed at which they travel has not only had economic, cultural, and social repercussions, but medical, epidemiological, and medico legal consequences as well. Travel medicine or emporiatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and management of health problems of international travelers. “The art of travel medicine is selecting the necessary prevention strategy without unnecessary adverse events, cost or inconvenience”.

Travel health advice is primarily aimed at prevention, and is therefore offered before travel. It includes steps taken before travel like medical examinations and screening, psychological preparation, provision of a medical kit, first aid training, preventive measures for prevention of thermal injury, advice regarding accidents and related hazards, special provisions for specific travel hazards and protection against tropical diseases. There is also an aspect of travel health which is provided after return from travel, which is usually diagnostic. Giving adequate advice on travel health requires a good knowledge about local health hazards overseas, public health measures, and the effectiveness of immunization and prophylaxis. Travel medicine will be established as an interdisciplinary special discipline in the next years and will be characterized by new risks and on the other hand by new methods of therapy and prophylaxis.

Medical Students is the next generation who received people’s mandate to improve and fix the quality of nation welfare, with improving the quality of ourselves and environment through various activities that have benefit in local, domestic, or international standard. In which many student activities in many medical schools that moves in many aspect and department, and one of them is engaged in relations with foreign countries as one of the effort to stay exist internationally was to follow international medical world development with new methods and technologies, and play an active role in international forums. This is done so that medical student can exchange information, skills, and experience, and also improving scientific and humanity insight so that in the end is expected to solve health problems in Indonesia. It also give a lot benefits for Udayana Medical Faculty students to making relation with the outside world so they can be more open minded globally.

Tropical diseases are cannot be found in the four seasons, and that makes foreign medical students interested in studying tropical diseases. And for that reason Bali International Summer School 2017 was made. In which Bali in tropical area, is considered as an international tourism object with various culture and many places that can be visited that attracting domestic and international tourist. That’s why Bali is considered as the perfect place to held this events. For that reason External Affair Department of Udayana Medical Faculty’s Student Executive Board in order to improve Indonesia’s medical student international experience through the procurement of Bali International Summer School in Medical Faculty of Udayana University, Bali-Indonesia.

Bali International Summer School 2017

– BISS 2017 –

“Emporiatrics: Ground Rules, Overseas Medical, Cultural Diversity, and Current Global Stability in Emerging and Reemerging Disease Disease Outbreak”