Here is the list of programs that will be followed by the participants during Bali International Summer School 2017

Lecture and workshop about Tropical Disease

There are several lectures and workshops with different topic but still related with the theme of BISS 2017. The lectures will discuss about emporiatrics. The lecturers are the expert of each division in Udayana University. Meanwhile the workshop will be held on laboratory of medical faculty at Udayana University.


City Tour

The city tour is going to be held at the end of the lectures. The participants will be invited to sightseeing around and try to do some cultural activities in Bali such as Balinese dance, instruments, or yoga.


International Guest Lecture

International Guest Lecture is a one-day-seminar that collaborate 2 lecturers from abroad and Bali. They will discuss one topic with different perspectives from each socio culture and country.

Cultural Night

Cultural night is the event which each participant is invited to perform the culture from each country. The participants might present about their country, their habits, festival, and so on. They also might use their country clothes, bring local foods and drinks to be shared together, and show their cultural dance or songs.

Social Visit

Social visit is one of the activities that would give the participant a chance to visit a foundation for “special” group of children that need more love and attention from us.

Student Project Presentation

Each participant will be given a task to make a student project with certain topic. The project will be presented and evaluated. There will be chosen the best presenter that will get reward at the farewell party.

Hospital Visit

This activity by its name can be described as visiting some hospitals in Bali. The participants can observe directly the condition and facilities of hospital in Bali. We will also get a chance to visit the patient at the hospital.

Spectacular Sunset

Spectacular sunset is one of the best experience in Bali which we can see the sunset with the beautiful view of Uluwatu beach and cliff. While watching the sunset we will also enjoy the performance of Kecak dance by local people there.


Garuda Wisnu Kencana Tour and Barong Dance

Great opportunity to witness one of many beautiful cultures in Bali. A journey to the famous place located in small hill around the beautiful beach in South Bali. Then prepare yourself to enjoy the magnificent Barong Dance and its magical sensation.



It is not complete yet when you haven’t visit one of the beach in Bali. Do you want jump to the sea and play? then you can enjoy the beautiful beach of Bali and various watersport activities in Benoa Beach. Come on having fun with us!